Thursday, 14 August 2014

Make It In Design - Summer School - Brief 1

I'm doing some really fun things this summer. I signed up for the intermediate and advanced tracks of the Make It In Design - Summer School.

Really enjoyed the briefs so far. I felt challenged but in a good way only, and it really inspired me. When I read the briefs I started to sketch straight away and the ideas kept coming, and I knew it quite quickly how I was going to create my design.

In the intermediate track the brief was Retro Geometrics.

I love retro! But struggled a bit with geometrics, I guess I prefer some more organic shapes. Went for some flowery circles and gave them the colours I love, so that it would still feel mine.
Here are the images I submitted:

In the advanced track the brief was Water Rays.

I found this subject ever so exciting. I spent my birthday painting backgrounds and making sketches and I had so much fun with it. Here are the designs I submitted:

This week we are already on the second briefs. They were even more fun if that's possible. I already submitted my designs. Will blog about them next time. :)

I only just start to feel confident about my digital designs. It's hard to tell if I found my style yet. I'm not sure. As each subject is so different they may not look alike... but I'm hoping that with time you can notice something that connects each design.