Thursday, 27 December 2012

Plans for 2013

I had a very difficult 2012 because of some serious problems in my personal life. I can now happily say that it's all over, I got back the peace I so desperately needed and I'm ready to make some other parts of my life work too.

It has been the most difficult thing to focus on my work, the thing I love greatly, because of the constant sadness I felt. The same issue had a huge impact on my financial life as well, because apparently I made a stupid mistake a few years ago when I took a loan with my "dear" husband for him to start a business with and while he was away for 3 and half years I was the one paying (not because I can afford it, but because it was on my account) and even though he came back in June, he couldn't help me with it. Recently he had to leave again, and this time he will not come back (that's where the peace is coming from) But I also figured that I'm not gonna see any money from him ever, simply because I'm not gonna help him any further in his life. It's very upsetting really, as I tried so much for him in the 13 years we knew each other, and I never got anything back ever. What I got was stress, sadness and disappointment. And a beautiful little girl. It was worth it at the end, wasn't it ; ) The thing is, there is still 1 and half years to go until the loan ends and it makes me feel like I can't step any further with my life because of this weight on my shoulders.

The only chance I have is to make my business more successful in the new year.

So the plans are the following:
- I want to find at least 3-4 gift shops and/or galleries to sell my prints, originals, and other products in. Edit: I found a great place with loads of links:
- I want to have regular venues, craft fairs. (I really enjoyed the Christmas Fair I did this month, next year I have to do more of those)

At the moment I still don't know how I'm gonna find these things. But I'm sure I will find them. If you have any suggestions please leave me a comment. : )

Sorry for being so personal today. But I had to share what's troubling me, so that you all understand what I'm going through. 

Saturday, 1 December 2012

School Christmas Fayre

Today I had a Christmas Fayre at my daughter's school. It was a huge success. I sold loads of art fridge magnets, and little girls' bracelets, we made them especially for this event with my little girl. There were 49 all together and only 3 left : ) And I sold some of the old jewellery as well, though not as much as I did in the summer in the nursery's table top sale.

I came back home really really happy! The feedback I got about my artwork was amazing and the smiles on the little girls faces... it's so worth all this work...

I already made a list about the things I am going to do for the next fayre. This is exciting, would love to do this every week. I wish some more craft fayres were going on in this area. I am open for opportunities.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Home makeover

You may have noticed that I was not posting as often recently as usually. I have been working on a huge home makeover and though I am not perfectly ready yet, I thought I would introduce you 2 of my newest furniture.

Do you know the type of furniture that get in your home because you don't have money to buy a nicer one, but you need somewhere to pack your things? At that time they were making me happy, but by now I hated them so much, I can't tell you. There was a standing shelf and a small sideboard in my home which made me feel like until they were here my home could not be a home. About 2 weeks ago I got to the point when I wanted to get rid of them. I am so glad I didn't.

Kirstie's Vintage Home program had a huge impact on me. She inspired me to create something new from the old. And it sounds funny, but now these are my favorite things : )

A before picture of the boring sideboard:

And this is how it looks now: 

I didn't take photo of the boring shelf, but you can imagine, it was quite similar to the boring sideboard above. And this is how it looks now. It's going to be my little girl's special shelf, where she can put her special little things. She is so excited about this. And I am so happy! : )

I will write a post about the process, in case you wanted to change up something too. : )

So, what do you all think? Which is the right choice, get rid of or change it? 

Monday, 22 October 2012

New home decor ornament

Just listed this pretty ornament. It's to remind you how beautiful your life is going to be soon, even if it doesn't look right at the moment. Just believe it's possible!

Monday Moodboard - Falling for fall

1. Eraberashop
2. BarbaraSzepesiSzucs
3. Ayca
4. JagnaB

To see more collections go to Star of the East Blog

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

New art fridge magnets

Recently I was so busy with the vintage style necklaces, that I totally forgot to list the fridge magnets with my newest paintings. Here they are individually and a set is also available. I hope you like them : )
I think they are perfect stocking fillers and even to surprise yourself with a little gift. They will look cute on your fridge and the best thing is, they always remind you of a positive message.

On an other news, I have reached 100 items on Etsy today, so now I'm waiting for the miracles to happen. (I was told the shop starts to be busier after there are 100 items) It would be really high time to get some sales now, I have been working so hard the last couple of months, as you can tell. I would surely deserve some money to come back now...

My blog still feels really lonely, and honestly, I don't have more ideas how to get followers. But without followers I can not do a giveaway. If you read this and would like to be part of a future giveaway, please follow me. Thank you.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Introducing the new product line - Vintage style art necklaces

The last couple of days were very exciting! I have been working on these little vintage style art necklaces and they all look so pretty, I can't stop looking at them. : ) I really hope you will feel the same way.
The first 5 necklaces are now available in my Etsy shop, and some more is on the way... Make sure you check them out.
These oval ones are featuring my girly paintings. There will be some circle shaped ones too, their artwork is still a surprise : )

Would love to know your opinions! Please leave a comment : )

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

New home decor line

This is the first item of my new home decor line. I'm really excited to find out how you all like it : )

Monday, 8 October 2012

New brooch and some announcements

I have been working on some new ideas lately, they are looking rather exciting! : )) Can you tell I love love love making these beauties? : )

I can't tell you any more just yet, but I will tell you a small secret: One of the new product line will be some kind of jewelry. AND, I'm planning a giveaway as well soon. But before that I would love to get some more followers. Please follow me if you like what I'm doing, more to come very soon!

Also, I would love to feature you on my blog if you were interested in writing a blog about your dreams. Please get in touch if interested! : )

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Thursday, 27 September 2012

A huge achievement

I've been busy painting lately and it makes me really happy the way they all are turning out. Whenever I have a powerful inspiration like this, I feel like whatever I do on the canvas is just right. When everything I attach to it turns out perfect and the final picture makes my heart jump. Those are the moments I'm doing it for. This is why I always wanted to be an artist. To create something beautiful, which will surely make someone else happy too it's a wonderful feeling. I just love it!

Yesterday when my daughter saw the new pieces she gave me 2 stickers and told me I got these because I paint so beautifully. Now that's an achievement. A huge one. I'm so happy she looks at my work like this. I feel she is proud of me and that means everything to me.

Whenever I think of her future there is something coming to my mind... I'm working hard to get successful with my art, so that I can make a living with it. That way I could set a good example for her. That would make her so easy to believe that if you really want something and you work hard on it you can do it. Whatever it might be. Everything is possible. I want her to have a magical life. She deserves it.

The first new painting: (my favorite so far)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Big question for myself

I have loads of questions today...

What I surely know:
- I want to make art and all sort of pretty things... I always wanted. This is how I feel alive, I need to do this, so I always will.
- I want to make a magical life for my daughter, where she has chance to believe in miracles. I want her to believe... always!
- I want to live in a lovely little house with such a pretty decoration all around the house that it makes it feel warm and cozy. It feels like home. (can't see this happening in our current flat for some reason, whatever I changed)
- I want to drive a little car. I totally see myself doing it and it feels great. I'm 33 and until now I managed with the public transport quite well, why I want this now.... because of my daughter. I want to be able to take her to places where we simply don't go because it's difficult with the bus, I want to be free, to be able to go out with her even if it rains (and it rains a lot here), and I hate to drag my little one around in the rain... especially with heavy shopping in my hand...  (I already bought a beautiful pink princess booster seat for the little princess, so only the car is missing : ))

The big question is, what to do to make this all happen?

Still feel like money is the solution (should really buy a lottery tomorrow).
- I wish my art was selling somewhat faster and I made a good amount each month, so that I could start doing some changes
- I wish I figured out some other ways how to sell my art
- I wish someone gave me at least some of money he owes me!!! This gonna have to happen soon! It's not fair!
- I'm a hard working person and hate to say this, but hey... I so wish I won the lottery. It would sort everything. Seriously. I only need some of the big money, I could do so much with it...


Oh, have you seen the new fridge magnets? I listed 5 of them in my shop already (there is 4 more to go) Check them out, they are so cute! : ) They only cost £3.50 each, so they will not make me rich, but every order makes me feel amazingly happy, so it's totally worth it.

They are all available here

Monday, 17 September 2012

New product - fridge magnets

I really love these little magnets. Their size is just like an ACEO, 2.5x3.5inch and they are printed on a matte paper with magnet backing. They are little sweethearts.

Please tell me your opinion before I list them in my shop.
- Would you be interested in these?
- Would you prefer a set or individual images?
- How much would you spend on them?

Please note, these are edited photos, the colours are exactly the way they are on my originals and their quality is really really good! I'm very impressed. 

Update: The first 2 magnets are listed, more to come soon:

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dear opportunities...

Since I remember I have been a dreamer. And I always had extraordinary dreams... though I didn't realize that at the time...

- I really wanted to study in Germany. I did a semester of the university over there as an exchange student. It was awesome!
- I really wanted to see Africa. I spent there 3 weeks in December 2005, which was amazing. (and there was summer there, while at home everyone was freezing, lol)
- I wanted to learn english, even though at High School I didn't have chance to start it. (had to learn german, which I loved by the way) So I learnt it without going to any school. (not bad, eh? lol)
- I wanted a little girl since I remember. She just started school. She is my everything. : )
- I wanted to stay at home with her as long as possible, so I decided to start a business. I'm still at home, but I feel now is the time I need something really nice to happen to help me to really achieve something with my business. This is so important to me and I'm a bit stuck at the moment.
- I wanted to be an artist. Well... I think now I am. (this was the most difficult one, as I had to convince myself about it that it was ok)

You see, I'm really good at making my dreams come true.

The dreams I have right now seem a bit more complicated (though not that extraordinary at all, they are more like normal life things) and I can look at them from different angles I always get to the same place. I need money to step forward. And then I get big question marks. I don't know what to do now. So in this blog post I'm calling for opportunities. Please, dear opportunities, come my way and show me what steps to take. Thank you!

Let's review my recent dreams again...

- would like to move to a bigger house (beautiful, colorful, inspirational, happy, peaceful, harmonious, full of love)
- would like to start our life together with my bf and our kids (in our above mentioned home)
- would like to learn how to drive and get a small (and beautiful) car
- would like to make a living making art

They are all the same important and want them all to come true at the very same time!

It feels really strange this time. I know very well what I want. (that's important) I want it very much! (even more important) But still it feels like I can't do anything at the moment to change the current situation. Unless I have money from unexpected resources. (or from my art!!!)

Until I figure something out I'm going to do my work. I'm working on some new (and big) canvases at the moment. I'm ready with some really beautiful backgrounds and can't wait to see what will happen to them next.
I'm also working on some really exciting new product ideas. My brain is bursting with these things for some weeks now. They are going to be huge! : ) Can't wait!
I feel I'm working very hard, and the best thing is that I really, really enjoy this! Am I going to see any result soon? Really hoping so! Dear opportunities, I really need you right now. I'm ready to receive you! Love, Beata x

Friday, 14 September 2012

I am ready

The first sign of me longing for change was that I had a haircut recently, not only had I chopped off my long hair but also got a fringe, which I haven't dare to try since my mum cut it when I was about 10. And now I start to feel more adventurous about my hair (I never was) and seriously thinking to go even shorter.

My sweetheart just started big school, which was a huge change in itself. I feel like it's going to bring some big changes in our life. Not quite sure yet what, but it feels exciting.

Environment. Very important for inspiration. Not quite right. Need to be changed. I have loved this apartment since we moved here 5 years ago. We were the first tenants, it was clean and shiny. There are some issues with the way it was built, like they didn't plan how people could furnish this flat. There is a window everywhere (not much light coming in though, this is England afterall) but they are so many that you find it difficult to place a furniture anywhere. I got used to it though by now. I didn't think for long time that one day I will be looking forward to moving out of here. Now I really would like to. We got some strange youngster neighbors instead of a lovely family and recently I don't feel like being at home here. It doesn't feel like a home anymore. I could imagine some changes in design, but I am planning to keep it for the new place. There everything will be more beautiful and fresh. It will be our home. Where this place would be? I have no clue at the moment, but as the title suggests I am ready for the change. I could imagine it somewhere else. In a lovely little town for example.

I am also ready to start a new journey, which is to learn how to drive. For some reason I always thought I know how to drive. Don't ask me why. I just feel it. Why I haven't learnt before? I was not ready. But now I am.

There is a surprising thing as well. I have never dreamed of going to the US. But since some days I can't explain why, I can't wait to go and see that place.

To start going for these big changes I will need some things to get sorted. But I feel they will soon.
Roll on changes! I can't wait to see you!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Too many exciting ideas

Have you ever had the feeling like you are bursting with ideas and don't know where to start? I'm right here today. Doesn't feel good. While we were on holiday I wrote quite a lot of lists about every kind of new things I was going to do, and as today, I think I have to review those lists again and make another list... Something like a detailed to-do-list, so that I can focus on the list and not daydreaming about even newer ideas. 

I have quite a few canvases in progress, I should really finish those first, before I even think of anything else...but the focusing goes not quite well. 

This is how I was working on a recent canvas last week. I would like to get back there. Focus on one task. Hard job.

Photo by my daughter : )

I decided to be careful with money in September (and if possible in October and November as well). So the initial plan is to use only the materials I already got (there is more than enough) instead of investing in new things. That means I should finish all the canvases I got, there are acrylic papers as well to paint smaller paintings on which would be only available as prints... but if I do this the new and exciting stuff has to wait... quite a lot... sigh...

I stopped here for a moment as I realized there might be something I could buy (only costs £2.99) and I will be able to add this new product without any additional work, so I can go back to those canvases. I bought the thing quickly, the new products will be listed next week if everything goes well.

But still... can't wait for the exciting stuff...

Here is the finished painting, not listed anywhere yet, if you are interested in the original, feel free to contact me. I'm not sure if I should sell prints of this painting because of the shape, will have to think that through first.

(the very bottom of the painting is missing from the image for some reason)

Hope you all have a productive day!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Proud moment

She was literally just born yesterday and look at this, she is there with a proud smile on her sweet little face wearing school uniform. 

And on top of that, all went well, actually very well! There was no crying at all. (even I managed it) And she came out all happy in the afternoon that she had loads of fun. Though she only played with the friend she already knew, but hey, she just started, she will have plenty of time to get to know the other kids as well and I'm pretty sure she will do well.

I'm a proud mummy. I feel like I achieved something big today. I have raised a confident child! A happy child!

Painting process - Beautiful new beginnings

I just bought these cute 6x6" canvases at the weekend and had to start painting on them immediately. This was quite a fast process. It went so well from start to finish, probably that's why.

First I adhered some pretty papers and a paper doily onto the canvas. I think it already looked beautiful here.

Then I painted over it, but used some gel medium in the paint to make it more see through. I used a few stamps and at the end I wrote the message on it. A pretty lace and 3 pearls were added at the end to add a bit more detail. : )

The message of this painting is about the beautiful future which is coming to you TODAY! The beautiful new life is actually about to start today. And it only depends on you! How exciting!!!! : )

Monday, 3 September 2012

Changes at the work table and a new painting

While on holiday I decided to make some changes at my work table. It was too simple, not inspiring at all. I didn't like it. Even though I had an inspiration board on the wall, it was not nice.

I'm not ready yet, there are still some things I would like to change, but it started to look a lot like a nice place.

Have a look at the before and after photos:

Original, not really inviting, is it?

The new version. I love it! : )

I painted and decorated the inspiration board, and I attached to it a little flower garland.

I wanted something to rise up the paints so that I can find them easier when the table is covered with paintings and patterned papers, etc. So I painted an old shoes box (which hides my ACEOs) and decorated it with pretty papers. Now it looks a lot more decent. : )

I also listed an original painting and its print in my Etsy shop:

What have you been up to today?

Sunday, 2 September 2012

The big work has started

So we are back from holiday and I started my work straightaway next morning. The beautiful goodies I ordered while on holiday arrived and they were almost screaming to start working with them, though they didn't have to beg me for long, as I was really desperate about them. They are just too beautiful!

The first painting (8x10 canvas) was ready the next day. And I'm really happy about it. I will try to photograph it tomorrow, if I manage it, it will be listed immediately in my Etsy shop. At the same time I was working on more backgrounds and they all look gorgeous. Can't wait to continue to work on them...

Today I went to my favorite craft shop for some white paint and matte medium, as these two things seem to run out very often these days. And I have to say I bought the biggest size possible, which made me feel like NOW, I am really an artist and I need to buy these big quantities in order to paint as much as I feel like to.
I also bought two 6x6 canvases. I noticed whenever I buy a new canvas they never stay white for long, I started working on them immediately. And they both look awesome. Thanks again to the beautiful papers I ordered lately. I only plan to add one more thing to them, and they will be ready too. I feel so inspired these days! : )

One of my promises to myself: BLOG, BLOG, BLOG!

For this I need to sort my routine, I need to read more blogs and interact with more people. Would really love some more followers too...*sigh* Any advice about that would be appreciated! : )

I feel like blogging is very important but I'm worried a bit that I'm not that good at it... Would like to add more beautiful and inviting photos as I see in other beautiful blogs, I would need to write more interesting content... But I decided to start it anyway. Even if I can't include a picture when I feel like to write, or if I "only" write about my small steps... but I am going to write. It helps me to keep focused. And I really need to be focused right now. I have big plans. : )

Right now what I want is my portfolio to grow. I want to paint more and more beautiful pictures and I believe the result will come on the way. I feel my art improving already, it feels like my style is coming out and the pictures are recognizable. I really enjoy the process. I know this is what I always wanted to do. It comes from my heart.

More to come soon : )

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

End of holiday, beginning of new excitements

This is the last day of our holiday. I'm really looking forward to being at home now.

It was kind of like a proper holiday... even though we only visited my family, but because it was real summer here we were able to go to the lake and we had real fun.  :) I even got some tan, which kind of never happened before... maybe when I was a kid.

I felt very inspired here. I noticed it last time too, when we last came here in February, that there is something in the air or something. I got so many good and very exciting ideas that even I was surprised. I also ordered some pretty supplies, so these are the reasons why I can't wait to be home and start working on the new things.

The first thing I am going to do is a makeover at my work table. I need to surround myself with loads of inspirational colours and pretty things. I promise to post pictures. : )

One thing I really enjoyed doing recently... because I noticed it inspired me big time... is Instagram. I started to follow loads of people with inspiring and beautiful photos and learnt a lot about creating beautiful photos too... didn't realize before that those lovely photos were edited... so I started to try some editing too, but there is still long way to go. I'm so excited! : ) I'm going to focus on taking nice photos of the process of my work, new products and also about our life. You will find these photos here in my blog and of course on Instagram, where you can follow me too. My name is IyoboDesign.

So this is it. Next time I write I will be at home working on my dreams. Now I feel it very strongly in my heart that I'm doing the right thing. This is what I was meant to do, so I don't ever give up my dreams. : )

I realized that I didn't actually write it here what are my dreams, so here we go...
The next things to come true are:
- My art business starts soaring
- We move to a beautiful new home
- I learn how to drive and get a little car

Keep on dreaming BIG friends! And let's make them come true together!


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Little daydreamer

Yesterday I experienced the miracle I was waiting for. Don't ask me how it happened, but the anger and sadness I have been feeling recently suddenly disappeared, I was happy and full of inspiration. : )
I just love when I feel like this. This should be the way I feel in every single minute, but it's quite difficult to keep it when times are hard. I should focus on this post whenever I lose it again.

So as I said this wonderful day was filled with ART. Loads of it. I started working in the morning and only stopped it late in the night. There were loads of ideas in my idea-book already waiting for me to complete them. And yesterday it happened. I finished some new paintings, and some mixed media jewellery. The first brooch is listed on Etsy already, some more to come soon : )

And it didn't stop there. Today I continued the work I started and completed some more little paintings and worked on some bigger ones. Also, there are a few more 5x7" paintings prepared for me to work on tomorrow. Exciting things : )

Friday, 27 July 2012

She expects miracles

Busy, complicated and messy times are behind me, and they are not over yet. I've been working towards achieving my dreams, but with a strange decision I made it a lot more complicated. Sometimes it makes me lose my hope, but I do believe miracles happen, so I try everything to keep going.

Recent happenings:

New prints in my Etsy shop with positive thoughts, they do give me hope : )

I created some really pretty mixed media necklaces, which are getting loads of favorites on Etsy. I just love them.

I had a very successful craft fair, where I was selling my older jewellery designs, which are now available on my website, and they are all reduced by at least 50% 

My website will have some little changes, but you can purchase the available items even before the changes are done. Here is the link for the sale section of the site: 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Kind hearted

Making others happy can be fulfilling, but you can get to a point when you feel your happiness is what you should work for, even if others don't like it. Always follow the guides of your angel. She knows what is good for you. Don't be scared to be "selfish".

I painted this little angel to help me to get through a difficult period of my life, where I do need to remember that I should finally focus on my own happiness. Really hoping she will help me...

The original painting is also available in my shop

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Birthday girl

Now that my little baby got 4 I had to take her birthday a lot more seriously as before, so she got a proper cake (this is going to be my newest hobby) and I organised her a little party.

Her hair was done also for the big day. It took me about 2 days to complete it, though we had loads of short and longer breaks to make it easier for both of us.

I couldn't get a proper photo of her where no one else is showing so I had to cut this one a bit. You can see a bit of hair and the cake as well.

A little extra information about me: I noticed this since I was a child... if something can be done by hand I am going to do it. I mean, I will not buy a professional one done by someone else, I will try everything possible to make it myself. I think it's because I can't live without creating. So I learned how to plait my daughter's hair, and now I'm learning how to make a proper cake (until her 4th birthday I always covered cakes with chocolate and they tasted nice but they looked ugly,lol) I don't say this cake was perfect, but hey, this was my first time covering it in this icing thingy... which I loved working with, I think that came from my polymer clay background : )

The recent few weeks were pretty stressful around here, but hoping to continue my blogging plans nicely from now on.

Since then I managed to list prints in my Etsy shop They can be found here. I already sold 2, so that's a really big step.

I updated my Etsy shop today, so hopefully it works better a bit and it will be found by more people.

Next on my list is an About page for Etsy, but first I need some good photos of me, and that's not easy ; )

I should really work on my neglected Facebook page as well, but that's something I don't feel like doing for some reason.

Oh, and would be great to find some more followers, I feel quite alone here : )
Would you follow me please...

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Random numbers

This is a short and sweet story about random numbers. I can't explain, but sometimes I like some numbers better than others. I used this theory when I was waiting for my daughter to be born as well... I was thinking which date I would like her to arrive. I was due on 6th June, but somehow felt that she was going to come a tiny bit earlier. So I decided (lol) that I liked 28th May the best. And so she did : ) Can't believe she is 4 this month. : )

This time I used my number choosing theory to set a target circle number on Etsy. In February, when I decided that I was going to make my dreams happen I wrote myself a number I wanted to achieve. That day I had about 120 circles. (boy, that sounds like a lot) But I was aiming for 586. I said it, don't ask me why, lol.

And because this blog is about making my dreams (and yours if you join me) come true I can now announce that the number of my circles today is 579! Not achieved my goal yet I know, but it is very very close, so I thought I would let you all know, that things are happening here : )

I just listed 4 new items in my Etsy shop. And they are getting favorites like crazy : ) It makes me very happy.

And because I heard it's better to have a photo in your blog posts, here is one of my baby girl : )

I will show you some more recent ones too hopefully soon.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Inspirational daughter

Do you know the feeling when your heart jumps one or two times suddenly when you are doing what you truly love? This is what I just felt. I'm been working on some new paintings recently and they give me that feeling I was always looking for. This is what I wanted to do all my life. I love it! : )

Yesterday evening when I was ready with some backgrounds and started to work on the first one I remembered my daughters words she keeps on asking these days: "Mummy, when are you going to paint ME?" And I did. She never goes anywhere without her bunny so they are both in the picture : )

There are some pretty backgrounds ready for me to continue with them tomorrow. Can't wait. I'm really excited about this new venture. : )

Would love to know how you are getting on with your dreams. I know you have some big ones : )