Sunday, 2 September 2012

The big work has started

So we are back from holiday and I started my work straightaway next morning. The beautiful goodies I ordered while on holiday arrived and they were almost screaming to start working with them, though they didn't have to beg me for long, as I was really desperate about them. They are just too beautiful!

The first painting (8x10 canvas) was ready the next day. And I'm really happy about it. I will try to photograph it tomorrow, if I manage it, it will be listed immediately in my Etsy shop. At the same time I was working on more backgrounds and they all look gorgeous. Can't wait to continue to work on them...

Today I went to my favorite craft shop for some white paint and matte medium, as these two things seem to run out very often these days. And I have to say I bought the biggest size possible, which made me feel like NOW, I am really an artist and I need to buy these big quantities in order to paint as much as I feel like to.
I also bought two 6x6 canvases. I noticed whenever I buy a new canvas they never stay white for long, I started working on them immediately. And they both look awesome. Thanks again to the beautiful papers I ordered lately. I only plan to add one more thing to them, and they will be ready too. I feel so inspired these days! : )

One of my promises to myself: BLOG, BLOG, BLOG!

For this I need to sort my routine, I need to read more blogs and interact with more people. Would really love some more followers too...*sigh* Any advice about that would be appreciated! : )

I feel like blogging is very important but I'm worried a bit that I'm not that good at it... Would like to add more beautiful and inviting photos as I see in other beautiful blogs, I would need to write more interesting content... But I decided to start it anyway. Even if I can't include a picture when I feel like to write, or if I "only" write about my small steps... but I am going to write. It helps me to keep focused. And I really need to be focused right now. I have big plans. : )

Right now what I want is my portfolio to grow. I want to paint more and more beautiful pictures and I believe the result will come on the way. I feel my art improving already, it feels like my style is coming out and the pictures are recognizable. I really enjoy the process. I know this is what I always wanted to do. It comes from my heart.

More to come soon : )

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