Thursday, 27 September 2012

A huge achievement

I've been busy painting lately and it makes me really happy the way they all are turning out. Whenever I have a powerful inspiration like this, I feel like whatever I do on the canvas is just right. When everything I attach to it turns out perfect and the final picture makes my heart jump. Those are the moments I'm doing it for. This is why I always wanted to be an artist. To create something beautiful, which will surely make someone else happy too it's a wonderful feeling. I just love it!

Yesterday when my daughter saw the new pieces she gave me 2 stickers and told me I got these because I paint so beautifully. Now that's an achievement. A huge one. I'm so happy she looks at my work like this. I feel she is proud of me and that means everything to me.

Whenever I think of her future there is something coming to my mind... I'm working hard to get successful with my art, so that I can make a living with it. That way I could set a good example for her. That would make her so easy to believe that if you really want something and you work hard on it you can do it. Whatever it might be. Everything is possible. I want her to have a magical life. She deserves it.

The first new painting: (my favorite so far)

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