Friday, 14 September 2012

I am ready

The first sign of me longing for change was that I had a haircut recently, not only had I chopped off my long hair but also got a fringe, which I haven't dare to try since my mum cut it when I was about 10. And now I start to feel more adventurous about my hair (I never was) and seriously thinking to go even shorter.

My sweetheart just started big school, which was a huge change in itself. I feel like it's going to bring some big changes in our life. Not quite sure yet what, but it feels exciting.

Environment. Very important for inspiration. Not quite right. Need to be changed. I have loved this apartment since we moved here 5 years ago. We were the first tenants, it was clean and shiny. There are some issues with the way it was built, like they didn't plan how people could furnish this flat. There is a window everywhere (not much light coming in though, this is England afterall) but they are so many that you find it difficult to place a furniture anywhere. I got used to it though by now. I didn't think for long time that one day I will be looking forward to moving out of here. Now I really would like to. We got some strange youngster neighbors instead of a lovely family and recently I don't feel like being at home here. It doesn't feel like a home anymore. I could imagine some changes in design, but I am planning to keep it for the new place. There everything will be more beautiful and fresh. It will be our home. Where this place would be? I have no clue at the moment, but as the title suggests I am ready for the change. I could imagine it somewhere else. In a lovely little town for example.

I am also ready to start a new journey, which is to learn how to drive. For some reason I always thought I know how to drive. Don't ask me why. I just feel it. Why I haven't learnt before? I was not ready. But now I am.

There is a surprising thing as well. I have never dreamed of going to the US. But since some days I can't explain why, I can't wait to go and see that place.

To start going for these big changes I will need some things to get sorted. But I feel they will soon.
Roll on changes! I can't wait to see you!

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