Tuesday, 28 August 2012

End of holiday, beginning of new excitements

This is the last day of our holiday. I'm really looking forward to being at home now.

It was kind of like a proper holiday... even though we only visited my family, but because it was real summer here we were able to go to the lake and we had real fun.  :) I even got some tan, which kind of never happened before... maybe when I was a kid.

I felt very inspired here. I noticed it last time too, when we last came here in February, that there is something in the air or something. I got so many good and very exciting ideas that even I was surprised. I also ordered some pretty supplies, so these are the reasons why I can't wait to be home and start working on the new things.

The first thing I am going to do is a makeover at my work table. I need to surround myself with loads of inspirational colours and pretty things. I promise to post pictures. : )

One thing I really enjoyed doing recently... because I noticed it inspired me big time... is Instagram. I started to follow loads of people with inspiring and beautiful photos and learnt a lot about creating beautiful photos too... didn't realize before that those lovely photos were edited... so I started to try some editing too, but there is still long way to go. I'm so excited! : ) I'm going to focus on taking nice photos of the process of my work, new products and also about our life. You will find these photos here in my blog and of course on Instagram, where you can follow me too. My name is IyoboDesign.

So this is it. Next time I write I will be at home working on my dreams. Now I feel it very strongly in my heart that I'm doing the right thing. This is what I was meant to do, so I don't ever give up my dreams. : )

I realized that I didn't actually write it here what are my dreams, so here we go...
The next things to come true are:
- My art business starts soaring
- We move to a beautiful new home
- I learn how to drive and get a little car

Keep on dreaming BIG friends! And let's make them come true together!


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Little daydreamer

Yesterday I experienced the miracle I was waiting for. Don't ask me how it happened, but the anger and sadness I have been feeling recently suddenly disappeared, I was happy and full of inspiration. : )
I just love when I feel like this. This should be the way I feel in every single minute, but it's quite difficult to keep it when times are hard. I should focus on this post whenever I lose it again.

So as I said this wonderful day was filled with ART. Loads of it. I started working in the morning and only stopped it late in the night. There were loads of ideas in my idea-book already waiting for me to complete them. And yesterday it happened. I finished some new paintings, and some mixed media jewellery. The first brooch is listed on Etsy already, some more to come soon : )

And it didn't stop there. Today I continued the work I started and completed some more little paintings and worked on some bigger ones. Also, there are a few more 5x7" paintings prepared for me to work on tomorrow. Exciting things : )