Sunday, 31 March 2013

This week

We started the Easter break end of this week, so nothing significant has happened in art front. But I discovered that my daughter loves taking photos. And she loves posing in photos too, but that part I knew already. I'm glad from now on I'll have some photos of myself, too.

 Found her in my studio

 She took this photo herself

I'm hoping that I can finish some work next week...

Thursday, 28 March 2013

May the Angels show you the way

When you are lost, listen to the whispers of your heart. Your angels will always show you the way to your heart's desires.

Last week when I was working on my moodboard for my blog's design I painted the background of this painting. I was very happy with it, but it didn't work as a background in my blog. But I continued the painting and the result is what you see above. It's really pretty and inspiring.

It can also be purchased in my Society6 shop as iPhone case/skin, iPad/laptop skin and cushion. (free shipping worldwide through 31 March)

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Dreams do come true

When I was a little girl, I knew I was able to achieve ANYTHING I wanted. I still believed in my ability to change the world. In this photo I can see all this in my eyes. I was optimistic and was not afraid of anything. And I remember I was drawing all the time! 

Then life happened. I don't think it was easy. I would prefer my daughter to have a better, happier life, but thankfully I came out of it kind of ok. But got a little bit brainwashed, as everyone usually did that time, so I lost all my self confidence and it was hard keeping the secret that I still wanted something else... A meaningful life, not only a "normal job" and a family.

Even though the pressure from the family was very strong behind me, I usually chose the "other" path. I wouldn't say the wrong path, but definitely not the one they would have wanted me to choose. Before I started with this, I got a degree though. I couldn't possibly risk not going for it, as my mum was always saying: "If you don't have a degree you gonna be cleaning toilets" Oh yeah, I was scared of that big time! 

But I had big dreams, and I took every opportunity to make them come true.

During high school I was always drawing faces. And I was a huge football fan! I know my family was not happy about it. They didn't get me at all. Especially after I had the idea that I would visit the team on their training and got some signature on my drawings. But then the unexpected happened. They asked for my drawings! And then I got orders. From the #1 team in Hungary. Seriously? That's pretty cool, right? I asked for their football shirts in return, in case you were wondering... And that kept me going during college too. 

In high school I was learning german, which I loved. So somehow I had this crazy dream, that I wanted to go to Germany, but not as a tourist, but for some other reason... You don't always have to know the solution, as I didn't know how to do this, but the main thing is, you have to recognize the opportunity! I almost fainted at the corridor when I noticed the announcement in college, that we could apply to go to Germany to study a semester there. What do you think happened? Yes, I've been there, it was the best part of the college! I love my dreams! : )

Then I went to Africa... I told you I had big dreams! : )

And now I'm living in England with my gorgeous little girl and I am an artist. I'm getting really close to achieve my biggest dreams now! How exciting! : )

I was about 4-5 years old in that picture. I don't know why adults have to take it all away. Why were we not allowed to dreams big that time? (As I said I did, after I rediscovered to believe in myself again... but I don't even want to go there to explain how they were reacting about all this) I so wish it was normal. I wish parents would encourage their kids to spread their wings and be happy. I'm so trying to do this, and watching myself continuously, if I notice any change in my behavior I'm gonna stop to think about it. But she gonna have to get a degree or two! ; )

What are your big dreams? Any of them came true already? Would love to hear your story! Please leave a comment below!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


I created this moodboard as my Blogging Your Way, Blogboss e-course homework.
It was a great way to put together all my ideas I had about the look of the blog I would like to achieve. That's an other thing to figure out how to actually create it. Will see : )

I really loved the process of creating this moodboard, I'm sure I'll make some more just for fun. Have you ever created a moodboard? Would love to see it!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Committed to improve

At the beginning of this year I was thinking of a word to define the way I view my business for the year. I decided by the word: "COMMITTED"

I'm very happy with this word, and I already feel the effects of my choice. I work on my business up to 16 hours a day and already ticked off a lot of big projects along the way.
- I had a long planned website makeover
- Added a new domain to my site, so now it is officially ArtByBeata
- Designed and ordered some new business cards, mostly because of the name change
- Opened a new shop at Society6, where you can purchase iphone cases, laptop skins, pillow cases and more, with my artwork printed on them. Pretty cool stuff! : )
- I started a blogging e-course with Holly Becker from Decor8
- Got myself a proper table and chair for my studio, so that I have enough place to work, comfortably.
- Also working on the living room, it really needed a makeover now. Will try to do another post on that soon.

Here are a few photos to show you a few things happened this week.

 My daughter posing with the newly dyed curtain and our new plant. 

 Society6 cushion with my art!

Me and my new table and chair, with the new cushion of course. Photo taken by my daughter, not the best quality.

This weekend I realized something. Commitment also means that I'm longing for more knowledge. The fact that I paid money for an e-course already shows I was committed. I take the course to learn from a pro-blogger, so that I can be better at blogging. And now this fact seems to start something I never felt before. I keep on finding e-courses that I would love to take part in. If I could afford to.
- I would love to take part in Susannah Conway's Blogging from the Heart e-course
- And in The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design
- And I'm also interested in Make Art That Sells

I love making art, but to actually make money making art means about 10% painting and the rest is behind the scenes tasks. And there is always something to learn about to get even better. That's my plan for this year. To be my very best at all part of my business. Not an easy task, but here comes my word for the year again. I am ready to be committed!

What are you planning to improve at this year?

Friday, 15 March 2013

New cushion covers and laptop skins

This is just an example of the new cushion covers. It's free shipping through 17th March with this code too, so if you like something, head over to my shop and get it now! : )

Dream Throw PillowHope Throw PillowBelieve #2 Throw Pillow
Create Throw PillowLove Throw PillowAngel Throw Pillow

Few examples of laptop and ipad skins:

Blessed Laptop & iPad SkinBelieve Laptop & iPad SkinCreate #2 Laptop & iPad Skin

Which one is your favorite? Would love to know! Feel free to leave me a comment with your choice! : )

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

BYW Homework, Case studies

In this post I'm going to show you some blogs I love and will try to explain why.

I love her layout, her writing style, her images, everything. : )

It's a very beautiful blog!!! I love Stephanie's art and thoughts. Love this blog a lot! Just found it recently, and I'm so glad I did. : )

Another beautiful blog. I love her writing style and it's very inspirational to see what she has achieved as an artist. Her blog makes me feel like she is a good friend of mine, because of the way she writes. Love it!

Very beautiful blog, love the whole look, layout, her photos, everything really.

I love this lady. Her images are soooo beautiful. I found her on Instagram and love when she post new photos. Her blog is simply stunning.

This beautiful blog is always full of color, it simply makes me happy. Very talented pattern designer, artist and writer, Jessica Swift is the lovely lady behind it. And I love her happy rain boots as well!

The next 2 blogs are from fellow students. It was quite difficult to choose, there are so many lovely blogs there!

I love this blog because of the layout, nice and simple design and the amazingly beautiful pictures. When I found Tam's blog she was showing such cute little eggs that I immediately fell in love : )

I love Ashley's blog, she has a beautiful design, I love her gorgeous smile in the bio and I love reading her inspirational posts and tutorials too.

I feel like I still have a lot to do to get my blog where I want it to be, but with this e-course I'm in the right place. Can't wait to learn more. : )

Sunday, 10 March 2013

What happened this week

This week was a very busy and successful week. I had a website makeover, which I am very very happy with. Here it is how it looks:

Then I had a blog makeover, which is not 100% ready yet, but I made a huge progress with it.

My cushion cover from Society6 has arrived this week. Looks awesome! Will blog about it next week. I also listed some more prints to be purchased as iphone cases, laptop/iphone/ipad skins and cushion covers, so make sure you have a look.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Friday, 1 March 2013

Illustration Friday - Talent

This print is one of my favorites and it's perfect for this weeks Illustration Friday where the subject is: Talent.
Your talent shines through.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! : )