Sunday, 31 March 2013

This week

We started the Easter break end of this week, so nothing significant has happened in art front. But I discovered that my daughter loves taking photos. And she loves posing in photos too, but that part I knew already. I'm glad from now on I'll have some photos of myself, too.

 Found her in my studio

 She took this photo herself

I'm hoping that I can finish some work next week...


  1. Happy Easter Beata!! I wanted to leave a comment sooner, but I wasn't reading all too well and didn't saw the link that linked to this blog. I'm sorry! Anyway, I found you now! :-)
    Your daughter looks adorable in these pictures - how fun it is that she can make her own photos! ;-) Too cute! Thanks for leaving such sweet comments on my blog, you totally made my day... I think you're really talented and it's great to see you're so driven and enthusiastic. Hope to see more of your life here too.
    Have a great week and much love,
    Inge x

    1. Hi Inge! Thanks for the lovely comment! : )
      I'm glad I made your day, now you made mine too! ; )
      I wish you a lovely week too,
      Beata x