Sunday, 17 March 2013

Committed to improve

At the beginning of this year I was thinking of a word to define the way I view my business for the year. I decided by the word: "COMMITTED"

I'm very happy with this word, and I already feel the effects of my choice. I work on my business up to 16 hours a day and already ticked off a lot of big projects along the way.
- I had a long planned website makeover
- Added a new domain to my site, so now it is officially ArtByBeata
- Designed and ordered some new business cards, mostly because of the name change
- Opened a new shop at Society6, where you can purchase iphone cases, laptop skins, pillow cases and more, with my artwork printed on them. Pretty cool stuff! : )
- I started a blogging e-course with Holly Becker from Decor8
- Got myself a proper table and chair for my studio, so that I have enough place to work, comfortably.
- Also working on the living room, it really needed a makeover now. Will try to do another post on that soon.

Here are a few photos to show you a few things happened this week.

 My daughter posing with the newly dyed curtain and our new plant. 

 Society6 cushion with my art!

Me and my new table and chair, with the new cushion of course. Photo taken by my daughter, not the best quality.

This weekend I realized something. Commitment also means that I'm longing for more knowledge. The fact that I paid money for an e-course already shows I was committed. I take the course to learn from a pro-blogger, so that I can be better at blogging. And now this fact seems to start something I never felt before. I keep on finding e-courses that I would love to take part in. If I could afford to.
- I would love to take part in Susannah Conway's Blogging from the Heart e-course
- And in The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design
- And I'm also interested in Make Art That Sells

I love making art, but to actually make money making art means about 10% painting and the rest is behind the scenes tasks. And there is always something to learn about to get even better. That's my plan for this year. To be my very best at all part of my business. Not an easy task, but here comes my word for the year again. I am ready to be committed!

What are you planning to improve at this year?

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