Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Dreams do come true

When I was a little girl, I knew I was able to achieve ANYTHING I wanted. I still believed in my ability to change the world. In this photo I can see all this in my eyes. I was optimistic and was not afraid of anything. And I remember I was drawing all the time! 

Then life happened. I don't think it was easy. I would prefer my daughter to have a better, happier life, but thankfully I came out of it kind of ok. But got a little bit brainwashed, as everyone usually did that time, so I lost all my self confidence and it was hard keeping the secret that I still wanted something else... A meaningful life, not only a "normal job" and a family.

Even though the pressure from the family was very strong behind me, I usually chose the "other" path. I wouldn't say the wrong path, but definitely not the one they would have wanted me to choose. Before I started with this, I got a degree though. I couldn't possibly risk not going for it, as my mum was always saying: "If you don't have a degree you gonna be cleaning toilets" Oh yeah, I was scared of that big time! 

But I had big dreams, and I took every opportunity to make them come true.

During high school I was always drawing faces. And I was a huge football fan! I know my family was not happy about it. They didn't get me at all. Especially after I had the idea that I would visit the team on their training and got some signature on my drawings. But then the unexpected happened. They asked for my drawings! And then I got orders. From the #1 team in Hungary. Seriously? That's pretty cool, right? I asked for their football shirts in return, in case you were wondering... And that kept me going during college too. 

In high school I was learning german, which I loved. So somehow I had this crazy dream, that I wanted to go to Germany, but not as a tourist, but for some other reason... You don't always have to know the solution, as I didn't know how to do this, but the main thing is, you have to recognize the opportunity! I almost fainted at the corridor when I noticed the announcement in college, that we could apply to go to Germany to study a semester there. What do you think happened? Yes, I've been there, it was the best part of the college! I love my dreams! : )

Then I went to Africa... I told you I had big dreams! : )

And now I'm living in England with my gorgeous little girl and I am an artist. I'm getting really close to achieve my biggest dreams now! How exciting! : )

I was about 4-5 years old in that picture. I don't know why adults have to take it all away. Why were we not allowed to dreams big that time? (As I said I did, after I rediscovered to believe in myself again... but I don't even want to go there to explain how they were reacting about all this) I so wish it was normal. I wish parents would encourage their kids to spread their wings and be happy. I'm so trying to do this, and watching myself continuously, if I notice any change in my behavior I'm gonna stop to think about it. But she gonna have to get a degree or two! ; )

What are your big dreams? Any of them came true already? Would love to hear your story! Please leave a comment below!

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