Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Get magic into your life

Dreams are very important to me. I call myself a dreamer and I am proud of it. I love dreaming about every aspects of my life. It's not that I only dream about my life, but I also make plans how to make them come true. I believe this is quite a process.

I love making mess when I'm painting, but otherwise I need to be organized. I need rules, and systems that make things easier. And I can't live without lists. I have every kinds of lists. My dreams are on a list as well. I love ticking them off. And I love adding new dreams to my list too!

Let's make a list to outline the way I do it:

  • list your dreams
  • prioritize your dreams
  • break them down to smaller pieces
  • make another list about the small steps (as small as possible)
  • start working down the list
  • imagine your dreams coming true soon, get excited
  • tick off the steps that are done
  • create another list about the amazing things happening to you to remind you to go on, in case   you fell off the track
  • celebrate your dreams coming true
  • make new dreams
The list of amazing things is a bonus. You can keep it for as long as you want and you can look back and always remember those small things that made you happy one day. If you haven't listed them you would have forgotten them long time ago.

Another important list for you to make, and you can keep this going daily if you like... List the things you are grateful for. 
If you are positive and happy for what you already got, it's a lot easier to get what you don't have yet. Before you get upset about something you haven't got (yet), think about what you are grateful for. You will be surprised how much you got already. With this kind of thinking it will only grow.

Are you a list keeper too? What kind of lists do you keep? 

Please note, whenever I talk about dreams, I mean the ones we have while we are awake, not those ones we get when we are sleeping ; ) 


  1. Wow Beata, that is a great post! I have to admit I'm not that very organized (there I said it out loud). :-) But I love lists too. I bought a few notebooks a while ago and in one notebook I keep lists with ideas for my blog. Than I have another one where I wrote down what I want in my life and what I love doing and what I imagine myself doing in say 5 years from now. So I guess you can say I wrote down some of my dreams too...
    But that's so wonderful of you to write down lists of dreams and break them up in smaller lists to get to your dream. It is soooo true when you say that life is to those who dare to dream. My dad always says that you always have to have dreams. The world is to the crazy dreamers, like Steve Jobs used to say. Cheers to our dreams Beata! :-)
    Love, Inge x

    1. Hi Inge, sorry just realized I haven't replied you. (spring holidays totally knocked me out of my routine)
      I think dreaming is a must. My dreams keep me going! : )
      Let's make them come true, then we can find new ones ; )
      Beata x