Sunday, 28 April 2013

I believe in myself

I believe that the Universe always arranges situations for us which we need in that moment. It happens to teach us something, or to open our eyes to notice something, or simply to help us to learn a bit about our self. 

Last week I ran into a hungarian lady in the middle of town and we had a short chat. We never met before, so it was quite interesting the way she suddenly started to talk about me like she knew exactly what kind of person I was. I needed to meet her that day. She came to help me.

I don't think I ever said that it was easy to be an artist. Because it wasn't. I believe I try my very best to create beautiful artwork and try what I can to promote it. But as she opened my eyes I am not doing all I could about promoting, because I don't talk about my art constantly whereever I go.

This week I had a situation on the bus where I was feeling exactly this. I never have conversations in the street or on a bus with strangers. And this time a lady beside me seemed like she was interested. She asked me if I was going to work, but instead of giving her my business card I said I had an appointment and stopped talking. I didn't want to tell her about my appointment, but felt uncomfortable mentioning that I actually work from home, because I am an artist. I played the situation in my head a couple of times, but then I did nothing. I wish I was more brave. I wish I was better at promoting myself. I wish I believed in myself more.

That day, the nice hungarian lady advised me to make a painting just for myself, with the title "I believe in myself" Well, today I did it, and it looks so beautiful that I actually do believe in myself, so next week I will try to go a step further and do something brave.

Here is this pretty little lady, who believes in herself:

I listed it on my website, because I thought I was not the only one who needed a little reminder to believe in myself. 

In case anyone wanted to give some support to help me believe in myself more, feel free to visit my website or Etsy shop and order that little something you have been thinking about since, it would make such a difference! Thank you!


  1. Beata, I love the positive message. I've been thinking & feeling the same thing and definitely agree that having confidence in yourself is the key to doing creative work. Look forward to hearing about what your brave step will be this week. :)

    1. Thanks Kirsten : ) Haha, hope I will do it! ; )

  2. I love this painting Beata, and you know I believe in you!! And what you say about the universe arranging situations to help us noticing something (or just simply giving signs to us) is so true - I totally believe that. Thanks to you and our list there's so much more that I believe we can both do... :)
    And I'm grateful for that, so thank you. And thank you for your friendship Beata!!
    Hugs, Inge x

    1. Hi Inge, thanks so much for all of these too!!!! : )
      Beata x