Thursday, 9 May 2013

The newest originals

Finally the latest originals are available on my website. It took me quite long to get this done with all this beautiful sunshine we have been getting these days. We spent loads of time in the park. We were loving it! : ) I guess I'm a bit over excited, but here in the UK this is a big thing to have more days so so lovely in a row. And it's already gone. Hello, cold wind.

I love the photos of these little originals, they turned out so bright. I'm thinking to redo all my photos again on my website now. I wish I had the time though.

Here they are:

The last photo shows the side as well, so that you can imagine it better. I love these little paintings. Recently I painted on bigger canvases before I came back to these 5x7" ones, and realized that I enjoy these the most. They are the perfect size for some reason. And whenever I paint on these small canvases in 90% the painting comes out pretty straight away. I love that when the inspiration comes, no thinking required, my hand is moving and voila, I'm ready with a new little art. I love that the girls come out always a bit different but I feel like my style is recognizable. 

I also love sending these little messages to you all. It means so much to me creating these little paintings. I just hope you all love them as much as I do. : )

I feel a bit disheartened today. I made the brave step this morning, sent an inquiry for a pretty little shop where I wanted to sell my matted prints and the lady replied me in minutes that my work was not right for them. That shop is the kind of shop I would like to have. The style of their products, all those pretty colours... I really wanted to be part of that shop. The next one on my list was not this close to my heart. So right now I'm not sure whether to write them or not.

I would be so glad to talk to my customers. I would love to know what you all think of my work. What do you like in my art? Is there anything you don't like? Please give me some feedback. : )
Thank you!


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry to read this Beata... I really feel bad about it, because I encouraged you to send the letter, but I feel like you really shouldn't give up now! You're so talented!
    I guess the thing I love most about your paintings (and these little paintings look so cute!!) is the message you're sending, the colours you use and the girls with the pink cheeks, especially the softer looking brunettes! Not every girl is my taste, but most of them are and I prefer the ones who look not so "harsh".
    I don't know why that lady of the shop said no, but there must be others out there who really would love to sell your paintings! I really believe you can do it, and you should keep believing in yourself.
    It may seem stupid to say this, but I always keep in mind that for every no a writer gets, there's always a yes somewhere he'll get - soon! So keep in mind that you're getting there, if not through this store, than via other ways! Keep on going Beata, I know you can do it girl!!
    A very big hug,
    Inge x

    1. Thanks Inge! Don't blame yourself, I can only thank you for your encouragement! I will have a look through my list again and send an other email hopefully next week. :)

  2. These are lovely! And never give up, keep sending out those letters and you'll eventually find the right place.

    1. Thank you very much! I promise I will! :) x