Thursday, 4 April 2013

Let's get healthy!

Recently I had a feeling, that I should really do something about my diet. I don't pay any attention to what I eat, I have far too much thing to do, I'm usually happy if I have any idea what to eat next at all. I'm sure I haven't eaten nowhere near my 5-a-day. And the worst thing is that, I had no idea how to change this.

Sometimes I have some healthy eating madness, and go to buy some fruits and vegetables, but that's it, I eat one when I get home - if I'm lucky - and then forget about the rest... This was going to have to change!

Unfortunately I'm sure I would not be able to change my cooking habits much, so what else I could do?

Then I had the idea to get a juicer. Oh my! Just bought it yesterday and I feel, now we are healthy! Those beautiful fresh fruits when I prepare them for the big juicing, I wish I took a photo that stage! Simply gorgeous!

We started with fruits, though added carrots and beet root already, even a small piece of cucumber. My daughter doesn't like the idea of the green juice, but with some trick I'm sure we will get there.

Today we went for a princess drink. She would never eat beet root just like that. Look what I did with it:

Pretty, isn't it? : ) She finished it all!

If you were thinking of getting a juicer, I would say go for it! It's the best thing to drink all those vitamins. : )


  1. I totally hear what you're saying! It is really hard to start eating and drinking healthier. Especially when you don't have much time.
    You know what's funny: this morning I just made my own juice in our blender and it was with banana, fresh orange juice and strawberries! Mmmmmh... A healthy start of the day. ;-)
    I wish I could style my own juice like yours, but I had not that much time this morning. It looks lovely! :-) And yummy too!!
    Inge x

    1. Hi Inge!
      That sounds yummy!
      We had apple, orange, lemon, carrot juice this morning. I'm so happy my daughter loves it just like me. : ) Finally something works! ; )
      Today we will get some greens, can't wait to try those too.
      Oh, and don't worry about styling it, it tastes exactly the same yummy without styling, I only did that to take photos ; )
      Beata x

  2. The juices sound and look lovely - I am sure they taste wonderful. I must think about getting a juicer. You inspired me. Thank you for the helpful comment you left me about choosing colour - I love the colours you have on your blog and your beautiful art. Hasn't the BYW course been so inspiring and helpful? I miss it already.

    1. Hi Pauline, thanks for stopping by. Yes, they taste wonderful, even when I secretly put some vegetables too ; )
      The course was lovely, I miss it already too!