Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Little daydreamer

Yesterday I experienced the miracle I was waiting for. Don't ask me how it happened, but the anger and sadness I have been feeling recently suddenly disappeared, I was happy and full of inspiration. : )
I just love when I feel like this. This should be the way I feel in every single minute, but it's quite difficult to keep it when times are hard. I should focus on this post whenever I lose it again.

So as I said this wonderful day was filled with ART. Loads of it. I started working in the morning and only stopped it late in the night. There were loads of ideas in my idea-book already waiting for me to complete them. And yesterday it happened. I finished some new paintings, and some mixed media jewellery. The first brooch is listed on Etsy already, some more to come soon : )

And it didn't stop there. Today I continued the work I started and completed some more little paintings and worked on some bigger ones. Also, there are a few more 5x7" paintings prepared for me to work on tomorrow. Exciting things : )

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