Friday, 27 July 2012

She expects miracles

Busy, complicated and messy times are behind me, and they are not over yet. I've been working towards achieving my dreams, but with a strange decision I made it a lot more complicated. Sometimes it makes me lose my hope, but I do believe miracles happen, so I try everything to keep going.

Recent happenings:

New prints in my Etsy shop with positive thoughts, they do give me hope : )

I created some really pretty mixed media necklaces, which are getting loads of favorites on Etsy. I just love them.

I had a very successful craft fair, where I was selling my older jewellery designs, which are now available on my website, and they are all reduced by at least 50% 

My website will have some little changes, but you can purchase the available items even before the changes are done. Here is the link for the sale section of the site: 

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