Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Too many exciting ideas

Have you ever had the feeling like you are bursting with ideas and don't know where to start? I'm right here today. Doesn't feel good. While we were on holiday I wrote quite a lot of lists about every kind of new things I was going to do, and as today, I think I have to review those lists again and make another list... Something like a detailed to-do-list, so that I can focus on the list and not daydreaming about even newer ideas. 

I have quite a few canvases in progress, I should really finish those first, before I even think of anything else...but the focusing goes not quite well. 

This is how I was working on a recent canvas last week. I would like to get back there. Focus on one task. Hard job.

Photo by my daughter : )

I decided to be careful with money in September (and if possible in October and November as well). So the initial plan is to use only the materials I already got (there is more than enough) instead of investing in new things. That means I should finish all the canvases I got, there are acrylic papers as well to paint smaller paintings on which would be only available as prints... but if I do this the new and exciting stuff has to wait... quite a lot... sigh...

I stopped here for a moment as I realized there might be something I could buy (only costs £2.99) and I will be able to add this new product without any additional work, so I can go back to those canvases. I bought the thing quickly, the new products will be listed next week if everything goes well.

But still... can't wait for the exciting stuff...

Here is the finished painting, not listed anywhere yet, if you are interested in the original, feel free to contact me. I'm not sure if I should sell prints of this painting because of the shape, will have to think that through first.

(the very bottom of the painting is missing from the image for some reason)

Hope you all have a productive day!

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