Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Big question for myself

I have loads of questions today...

What I surely know:
- I want to make art and all sort of pretty things... I always wanted. This is how I feel alive, I need to do this, so I always will.
- I want to make a magical life for my daughter, where she has chance to believe in miracles. I want her to believe... always!
- I want to live in a lovely little house with such a pretty decoration all around the house that it makes it feel warm and cozy. It feels like home. (can't see this happening in our current flat for some reason, whatever I changed)
- I want to drive a little car. I totally see myself doing it and it feels great. I'm 33 and until now I managed with the public transport quite well, why I want this now.... because of my daughter. I want to be able to take her to places where we simply don't go because it's difficult with the bus, I want to be free, to be able to go out with her even if it rains (and it rains a lot here), and I hate to drag my little one around in the rain... especially with heavy shopping in my hand...  (I already bought a beautiful pink princess booster seat for the little princess, so only the car is missing : ))

The big question is, what to do to make this all happen?

Still feel like money is the solution (should really buy a lottery tomorrow).
- I wish my art was selling somewhat faster and I made a good amount each month, so that I could start doing some changes
- I wish I figured out some other ways how to sell my art
- I wish someone gave me at least some of money he owes me!!! This gonna have to happen soon! It's not fair!
- I'm a hard working person and hate to say this, but hey... I so wish I won the lottery. It would sort everything. Seriously. I only need some of the big money, I could do so much with it...


Oh, have you seen the new fridge magnets? I listed 5 of them in my shop already (there is 4 more to go) Check them out, they are so cute! : ) They only cost £3.50 each, so they will not make me rich, but every order makes me feel amazingly happy, so it's totally worth it.

They are all available here

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