Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dear opportunities...

Since I remember I have been a dreamer. And I always had extraordinary dreams... though I didn't realize that at the time...

- I really wanted to study in Germany. I did a semester of the university over there as an exchange student. It was awesome!
- I really wanted to see Africa. I spent there 3 weeks in December 2005, which was amazing. (and there was summer there, while at home everyone was freezing, lol)
- I wanted to learn english, even though at High School I didn't have chance to start it. (had to learn german, which I loved by the way) So I learnt it without going to any school. (not bad, eh? lol)
- I wanted a little girl since I remember. She just started school. She is my everything. : )
- I wanted to stay at home with her as long as possible, so I decided to start a business. I'm still at home, but I feel now is the time I need something really nice to happen to help me to really achieve something with my business. This is so important to me and I'm a bit stuck at the moment.
- I wanted to be an artist. Well... I think now I am. (this was the most difficult one, as I had to convince myself about it that it was ok)

You see, I'm really good at making my dreams come true.

The dreams I have right now seem a bit more complicated (though not that extraordinary at all, they are more like normal life things) and I can look at them from different angles I always get to the same place. I need money to step forward. And then I get big question marks. I don't know what to do now. So in this blog post I'm calling for opportunities. Please, dear opportunities, come my way and show me what steps to take. Thank you!

Let's review my recent dreams again...

- would like to move to a bigger house (beautiful, colorful, inspirational, happy, peaceful, harmonious, full of love)
- would like to start our life together with my bf and our kids (in our above mentioned home)
- would like to learn how to drive and get a small (and beautiful) car
- would like to make a living making art

They are all the same important and want them all to come true at the very same time!

It feels really strange this time. I know very well what I want. (that's important) I want it very much! (even more important) But still it feels like I can't do anything at the moment to change the current situation. Unless I have money from unexpected resources. (or from my art!!!)

Until I figure something out I'm going to do my work. I'm working on some new (and big) canvases at the moment. I'm ready with some really beautiful backgrounds and can't wait to see what will happen to them next.
I'm also working on some really exciting new product ideas. My brain is bursting with these things for some weeks now. They are going to be huge! : ) Can't wait!
I feel I'm working very hard, and the best thing is that I really, really enjoy this! Am I going to see any result soon? Really hoping so! Dear opportunities, I really need you right now. I'm ready to receive you! Love, Beata x

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