Sunday, 10 June 2012

Birthday girl

Now that my little baby got 4 I had to take her birthday a lot more seriously as before, so she got a proper cake (this is going to be my newest hobby) and I organised her a little party.

Her hair was done also for the big day. It took me about 2 days to complete it, though we had loads of short and longer breaks to make it easier for both of us.

I couldn't get a proper photo of her where no one else is showing so I had to cut this one a bit. You can see a bit of hair and the cake as well.

A little extra information about me: I noticed this since I was a child... if something can be done by hand I am going to do it. I mean, I will not buy a professional one done by someone else, I will try everything possible to make it myself. I think it's because I can't live without creating. So I learned how to plait my daughter's hair, and now I'm learning how to make a proper cake (until her 4th birthday I always covered cakes with chocolate and they tasted nice but they looked ugly,lol) I don't say this cake was perfect, but hey, this was my first time covering it in this icing thingy... which I loved working with, I think that came from my polymer clay background : )

The recent few weeks were pretty stressful around here, but hoping to continue my blogging plans nicely from now on.

Since then I managed to list prints in my Etsy shop They can be found here. I already sold 2, so that's a really big step.

I updated my Etsy shop today, so hopefully it works better a bit and it will be found by more people.

Next on my list is an About page for Etsy, but first I need some good photos of me, and that's not easy ; )

I should really work on my neglected Facebook page as well, but that's something I don't feel like doing for some reason.

Oh, and would be great to find some more followers, I feel quite alone here : )
Would you follow me please...


  1. Fab hair & cake! Well done you :o)

  2. Your cake looks beautiful and your daughter is gorgeous! What a happy day!

  3. YAY -- she's an adorable little girl and her hair is stunning! And, the cake is amazing, too!

  4. Beata, Beautiful little girl and that cake looks scrumptious! I'll bet she loved it.

    1. Thanks Lynn, yeah, she loved her cake, they took off all the butterflies when I was slicing it and ate them all : )