Thursday, 27 December 2012

Plans for 2013

I had a very difficult 2012 because of some serious problems in my personal life. I can now happily say that it's all over, I got back the peace I so desperately needed and I'm ready to make some other parts of my life work too.

It has been the most difficult thing to focus on my work, the thing I love greatly, because of the constant sadness I felt. The same issue had a huge impact on my financial life as well, because apparently I made a stupid mistake a few years ago when I took a loan with my "dear" husband for him to start a business with and while he was away for 3 and half years I was the one paying (not because I can afford it, but because it was on my account) and even though he came back in June, he couldn't help me with it. Recently he had to leave again, and this time he will not come back (that's where the peace is coming from) But I also figured that I'm not gonna see any money from him ever, simply because I'm not gonna help him any further in his life. It's very upsetting really, as I tried so much for him in the 13 years we knew each other, and I never got anything back ever. What I got was stress, sadness and disappointment. And a beautiful little girl. It was worth it at the end, wasn't it ; ) The thing is, there is still 1 and half years to go until the loan ends and it makes me feel like I can't step any further with my life because of this weight on my shoulders.

The only chance I have is to make my business more successful in the new year.

So the plans are the following:
- I want to find at least 3-4 gift shops and/or galleries to sell my prints, originals, and other products in. Edit: I found a great place with loads of links:
- I want to have regular venues, craft fairs. (I really enjoyed the Christmas Fair I did this month, next year I have to do more of those)

At the moment I still don't know how I'm gonna find these things. But I'm sure I will find them. If you have any suggestions please leave me a comment. : )

Sorry for being so personal today. But I had to share what's troubling me, so that you all understand what I'm going through. 


  1. Beata, I'm glad to know what's been on your mind, and appreciate your being so direct. I firmly believe that clearly stating one's intentions to the universe is the first step.

    With this information, others can help you, too.

    2013 WILL be better for you and your little girl. I respect how determined you are -- it will carry you far!

    Hugs to you, m'dear -- and cheers to the New Year!

    1. Thanks so much Sheryl, you almost made me cry with your comment. I'm so grateful for you all!!!
      Hugs to you too, and have a wonderful 2013! : )