Saturday, 1 December 2012

School Christmas Fayre

Today I had a Christmas Fayre at my daughter's school. It was a huge success. I sold loads of art fridge magnets, and little girls' bracelets, we made them especially for this event with my little girl. There were 49 all together and only 3 left : ) And I sold some of the old jewellery as well, though not as much as I did in the summer in the nursery's table top sale.

I came back home really really happy! The feedback I got about my artwork was amazing and the smiles on the little girls faces... it's so worth all this work...

I already made a list about the things I am going to do for the next fayre. This is exciting, would love to do this every week. I wish some more craft fayres were going on in this area. I am open for opportunities.

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