Monday, 30 April 2012

Update on the progress

This is a sneak peak of one of my newest mixed media paintings I'm going to list in my Etsy shop. The new paintings will be available as originals and print as well, if everything goes to plan.

My blog design is still in progress. I have painted a background (which will later be a painting, but at the moment I stopped at the background) for the blog but can't seem to figure it out how to make it acceptable for Blogger to upload as a background. Any suggestions are welcome : )

At the same time I'm soon re-launching my website after a beautiful makeover. Which means it will no longer be a jewellery store anymore. I'm not saying any more details about this just yet ; )

A beautiful new jewellery collection is coming out as well. Boy, do you think I'm busy :D

So here is where my dreams come into picture. I love what I'm doing, and working really hard on it to actually make it work. To be able to call it a real business, which makes enough money for me and my daughter to live on (and more). Some months ago I was very close to giving it all up. But when you have a dream for years and it keeps coming stronger and stronger, why would you give it up? I'm not saying it's gonna be easy. But I'm ready to work hard.

The first stage of the plans are going great actually. My Etsy shop is getting loads of views since I'm paying attention to it. My items are featured in countless of beautiful treasuries and getting favorited like never before. The reaction to my new paintings and jewellery is amazing, so really looking forward to the next months.

How are you all getting on with your dreams?

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