Friday, 11 January 2013

New year, surprising new dreams

I love when the things happening around me revealing my new dreams for me. Last week I saw a film I never heard of before and now it's my favourite film ever. It's not only funny and really wonderfully done, but it gave me a picture of the inside of my dream home. And! It explained me a very important detail about my life which I never understood.

So now I perfectly know what I want.

And I also know why I don't like this flat we are living in right now. And I realized whatever I buy or do with this place it's never going to be the home of my dream. It's a hard one, because I'm not allowed to do whatever I want with it as it is only rented, so I'm really trying to limit the holes I'm making on the walls and obviously I can't change wall colours, can't change the tiles on the kitchen walls and so on... Now I can see it in my mind how my dream home looks like and the feeling to go for it is stronger than ever.

I also happened to decide yesterday that I wanted to move from this area and start a new life somewhere South England. One day... Unfortunately I can't leave now, mainly because of the issues I explained a few days ago. (if that debt was not there I would start saving money for the big move immediately, it's really sad when I can't do anything about it but hope that the person who supposed to pay it going to send me some money...)

I wish I could show you some photos from that house in the film, it would make you all understand why I want something like that. It's so beautiful and cosy and really feels like home. It's really difficult to create our first home to feel like home, especially when we are far apart from our family. I guess this is why it's so important for me to feel at home somewhere...

This is my dream and I feel it in my heart that I'm going to achieve it, hopefully soon.

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  1. Ciao sono Margherita e mi ha commosso questo che hai scritto. Io vengo da Grosseto (italia). Sai condivido a pieno i tuoi pensieri... ma ti vorrei anche portare una ventata di dolcezza. Sai molti non hanno sogni e secondo me è questa la cosa che potrebbe succedere ad un essere umano. Questo mi è capitato per molti anni a me, e so cosa vuol dire. Io ho iniziato da poco a scrivere sul blog mi presento.

    Ho scelto di guardare il tuo commento perchè hai un nome quasi italiano ed è di buon auspicio...sono tanto triste perchè non ci sono molte italiane che scrivono in maniera dolce di sogni e di speranza. Ma sono sicura che tra qualche anno saremo tantissime.
    Anche tu hai seguito il corso di kelly rae Roberts o hai fatto tutto da sola?
    per ora ti abbraccio