Friday, 1 November 2013

Enough silence

I had another long blog silence and it's really difficult to start again, but by now I missed my blog very much so here I am, hopefully here to stay this time.

I have big plans for my blog and finally the tiny pieces started to come together and make some sense, so the intention I had for this blog when I started it (and stopped my design blog at the same time) hopefully will finally happen.

There were some difficult times for me recently when I was confused about everything around me. It is very hard to write about things like this. Especially that most of the problems stem from lack of money. There we are again. I have been stuck with these money issues for long time and seems like nothing gets solved until they are gone. I really hope they will be gone for good very very soon.

I'm grateful to have an amazing daughter who does wonderfully at school (already in year 1). I'm grateful for being able to do what I love. But there must be more to life than school runs and time spent at home. There are so many things I would like to improve in our life but I can't. Money is a big issue.

I have a strong vision about our little home too. I would like to change a lot of things, and I'm mostly thinking second hand furniture, as I would like to paint them. But I can't do any of these changes just yet.

I would like to make my daughter's life special, but can't afford ballet lessons what she would really like. And it's really scary how fast time goes, she is 5 and a half already. It all makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong, and don't really know how to get it right.

I have been through a long thinking phase recently and this is what I found:


At least this is what I am going to focus on. Even if it isn't completely true at the moment. And the money must follow. Problems will be gone. Beautiful changes will happen. I will feel relieved.

It would be possible to make all the money I would need to get rid of all my debt in a minute, if I sold all the products on my website or Etsy shop. But as an artist I have to create. All the time. I can't live without making something. As you can imagine I shouldn't really spend any money on supplies. Believe me, I don't. I have loads of things at home. And my recent efforts are in creating with what I have. I may come up with some different things and I enjoy it quite a lot. It's great to make something I don't usually make. And I can only hope that you all will like them too. Now I only need to sell some of them (or all for that matter)

Recently I made some really cute stud earrings:

And the newest experiments are these pretty christmas tree ornaments:

I'm making these for an upcoming Christmas fayre, but if you are interested feel free to contact me. They are made of patterned papers and their front and back (same pattern) were sewn together for added texture. On their front there is a sentiment with an aged look. Pure shabby chic.

It felt really good to write this post. I'm looking forward to being around here more from now on. 


  1. Oh I hear you on money issues. And on "there must be more to life than school runs and time spent at home" ... I too have plans for things I desperately want to do, but at the moment the big blockage is money. Or rather, lack thereof. Such a nuisance!

    I love your Christmas tree decorations - they should sell like hot cakes :-)

    1. Hi Croila, sorry just found your comment.
      Don't give up on your plans/dreams, money should come soon! That's what I'm trying to focus on right now ;)
      Thanks for the compliment on the decorations :) Let's hope so ;)

  2. Beata, this is a beautiful post. I think you have the best attitude - you have enough and abundance will follow. Your heart ornaments are beautiful too.