Friday, 8 February 2013

Art in progress

Are you curious how my table looks when I'm working? I guess so : )
Well, it's a mess. But this is how it works. I actually love this look : )

I have a really good plan how to make it a bit more comfortable to work on though. I'm planning to buy a bigger table soon. I'll turn this small table to the side, and this will give a lot more space for the printer and loads of things I don't use while painting, so that the new table will have loads of place just for me to work on. I always wanted a L-shaped table, and I have a feeling I'll soon have it. My only fear is... can I fit a 150x75cm flat packed table into a car?

And this is a background I'm been working on. Right now it's having a break, until the next inspiration comes about how to continue. I'm really happy with the way it looks right now, but it's still far from the end...

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