Thursday, 7 February 2013

Giveaway time!

I have been thinking about this for awhile, and now... Yay!!!! It's giveaway time!!!  : )

I hope you all will enjoy participating!

A lucky winner will receive one of my favorite prints, which says a lot about me. Loads of colours, heart, love, flowers, kindness : )

Here it is:

(please note the print will come without the giveaway's details)

How to participate:

There are more ways to take part. Each choice will be worth 1 point. Try to collect multiple points to be in with more chance. After taking part, don't forget to leave me a comment with the links under this post to let me know what ways you participated. 

1. Follow my blog and tell your followers about my giveaway (on any social media - different ways will get you more points)
2. Follow me on Facebook and mention my giveaway to your fans
3. Pin my giveaway on Pinterest
For 1 extra point:
Go to my Etsy shop, have a good look around and tell me which your favorite piece is and why.

Giveaway will end on 26th February 10am GMT. The lucky winner will be selected with a random number generator and announced on my blog shortly after selected.

Good luck everyone! : )

Edit: This giveaway is closed! Thank you everyone for participating!


  1. Hey Beata! I liked your facbook page, shared on my facebook page, shared on pinterest, following your blog, and my favorite thing in your shop is the mixed media heart necklace, "You are blessed"
    Let me know how it goes! I have a giveaway ready to go on my blog soon!

  2. Hi ya! I've linked to your blog on my facebook page, mentioned the giveaway and had another look at your etsy shop - love the heart necklaces! I already follow your Facebook page and have pinned on Pinterest :)

  3. Hi Beata!

    Thanks for sharing your blog and this great giveaway! It's great to get to know you better!

    I love this item in your shop:

  4. Thanks for those who took part already, still loads of time left.
    But make sure you leave a comment, otherwise I can't count you in! Thanks! : )

  5. Hi!

    I love this item because it is so positive & true!

  6. Hi Beata! I love that print too! Sooooo pretty! :)
    I followed your blog
    Shared the blog/giveaway on Facebook
    I already liked your FB page :)
    I shared your giveaway on Pinterest
    I also shared on Twitter as well!
    As for my favorite thing in your shop, I LOVE your mixed media originals. My favorites are the one you're giving the print away of and Happy Soul.
    Good luck with your giveaway!!

  7. Thanks everyone who participated so far! I'm glad to see you all here! : ) There is still loads of time left, hope to see some more lovely ladies entering. : )

  8. Hi Beata,
    I followed your blog,

    Tweeted ( )

    Liked you on FB,

    pinned it ( ),

    and I love this piece in your shop - because I think there needs to be more representation of people of color on Etsy, because it has beautiful colors and mostly, because it was inspired by your daughter :)

  9. I follow you now and I tweeted about your giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  10. I am now following your blog, facebook, pinned it, and signed up for e-mails. I love your givaway. I'm now going to your etsy shop.
    Cross My Heart Bags and More

  11. I th this is my favorite, but I love so much of them!